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ACC News and Information -- September 2019

09/20/2019 6:28 PM | Michael Conroy (Administrator)

At the September meeting of the ACC Board of Directors we voted to change the nomination process for prospective Board members.   Here is the new text in the bylaws ::

4.3.4 Members will make nominations for available directors positions in person or via email to the Club Secretary from Oct 1 to 21 days prior to the annual meeting in November

This year's nomination window is 01 OCT 2019 through 21 OCT 2019, with most expected to occur at the 14 OCT Board meeting.   There are 2 positions to fill this year.   Nominations made outside that meeting must be sent to Eric Welsh (club Secretary) at    If the nomination is made via e-mail, include the names, e-mails, and phone numbers of ::

1.  The nominee

2.  The nominator

3.  The 2nd for the nomination

Also, please send CC’s to the other Board members as you see fit.

The range will be CLOSED for non-match shooting on Saturday the 21st from 9:00 AM until about 2:00 PM.   The Steel Challenge match will be in Bays 1 – 5 and USPSA set-up will cover Bays 6 – 10. Please join us for some Steel Shooting on Saturday and/or USPSA on Sunday !!!

During the SCSA State Match, Bay 10 may be open.   The other nine will be in use for the match.   (27-28 SEPT 2019)

During the IDPA State Match, all 10 Bays will be in use for the match. (3-4-5 OCT 2019)

HELP WANTED ::  If you are familiar with how the scoring tablets work, I would like to have about 7 more scorekeepers for the SCSA State Match on Saturday the 28th. Please text or call Eric Welsh at 765.425.1164 if you would like to volunteer.  Thx !

Eric Welsh - - SCSA & GSSF Match Director; ACC President and Secretary     765.425.1164


New Membership:

The past two months have seen 12 new members. They are James Cool, Michael Sherrill, Patrick Blouin, Joeseph Alagno, Anabal Salazar, Jordan Silvers, Tom Silvers, Keith Powell, William Vargo, Ganiel Gaskin and Joshua Dicks.

Welcome to you all!

Safety Corner:

A few reminders to our new and veteran members about safety. 

First and foremost, you own every round you fire.  Whether it hits the berm (where it should) or if it leaves the property, you own it. It is also the responsibility of every member to maintain a safe environment.  If you see something unsafe please approach the people involved and offer some respectful guidance on safe practices. Should you observe unsafe conditions please get the name of the member involved, the auto they are driving and the license plate and report it to me or any other board member. That way we may address the situation and keep our range.

Plate racks can only handle pistol calibers.  PCCs and shot guns with
bird shot are OK.  NO rifle cartridges or shot gun slugs ever as they
will damage the plates.

Pistol caliber full automatic use is allowed only on bays 7, 8, & 9.

All targets should be set as close to the berm as possible to insure
that bullets hit the berm.  Targets placed mid-bay can cause ricochets
when a bullet hits the ground.

Lou Peragallo
BOD and Vice President
New Member Director

Please contact Eric and Lou at their listed email addresses.


29595 Leonard (E 88th) Rd

Atlanta, IN 46031

Mailing Address:
PO Box 25

Atlanta, IN . 46031

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