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Range Rules

Atlanta Conservation Club (ACC) Members, and their Guests, are expected to understand and comply with the following Range Rules at all times.

1. Always consider all firearms as loaded.

2. Never point a firearm at something you don’t want to destroy.

3. Keep finger off the trigger until gun is on target and you are ready to fire.

4. Always be sure of your target and what is behind it.

5. Members and Guests are expected to conduct themselves in a safe manner.

6. Never let the muzzle of your gun sweep yourself or another person.

7. Never let the muzzle of your gun, whether loaded or unloaded, sweep past the edges of the side berms or above the side berms or backstop.

8. No shooting from beyond the side berm depth.

9. No handling of weapons while someone is downrange. Downrange is defined as the area of the shooting bay between the 180 Degree Plane and the backstop. 180 degree plane is an imaginary infinite vertical plane drawn through the centerline of the individual, perpendicular to the centerline of the shooting bay and that moves with the person handling the firearm as he/she moves about the bay. See Figure 1. 

10. Handle weapons and ammunition from the same side of the bay tables facing downrange, and not from both sides of the table facing each other.

11. Eye and ear protection is mandatory in or near active shooting bays.

12. Authorized daily shooting hours are from 9am to sunset as published.

13. No alcoholic beverages or intoxicants are allowed on the premises.

14. Rifle/Pistol calibers less than 50BMG are allowed.

15. Fully automatic shooting of pistol caliber firearms is permitted in bays 7 to 9 only.

16. No fully automatic shooting of rifle calibers is allowed.

17. No ammo handling is allowed at the designated Safe Areas where gun handling can take place safely.

18. Maximum target height is 6 feet.

19. Minimum distance for steel targets is 7 yards. No shooting of steel targets with rifle calibers.

20. Use only allowed targets: a. paper/cardboard targets b. steel stationary or reactive targets in good repair and ONLY with pistol calibers/cartridges (NOTE: 5.7x28, 4.6x30mm, and other such high velocity cartridges are considered rifle calibers for purposes of this rule, e.g., FN Five Seven pistol) c. stationary clay pigeons

21. No targets of opportunity: birds, animals, rocks, cans, appliances, barrels, etc..

22. Target stands and sticks are available at the pole barn. Return them when done.

24. Leave the range cleaner than you found it. Take out what you bring in or dispose of it in the dumpster.

Range Hours 9a to Sunset

Time in Atlanta:

29595 Leonard (E 88th) Rd

Atlanta, IN 46031

Mailing Address:
PO Box 25

Atlanta, IN 46031

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