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International Confereration of Revolver Enthusiasts


Eric Welsh

Match Directors

Jim Barbour, Jeff Brown, Joe Emerick, Lou Peragallo, Mark Smith, Eric Welsh

Assistant Match Directors

Greg Bailey, Bo Hanson, Skip Powers


Sunday following IDPA Matches (generally First Sunday of the Month) - March to September (Weather Permitting)

Setup at 1:00PM. Verify dates & times on Practiscore

Current ICORE Rules

Current Rules

ICORE matches operate under a cold range. Please do not arrive with a loaded gun on your person. If you are new to ICORE or competitive shooting please find the match director when you arrive and we will help you.

New shooters are encouraged. We will have a new shooter briefing before each match. Please be confident with basic firearm safety. Please ensure that you have a secure holster that completely covers the trigger guard of your revolver. Bring 5 speed-loaders for each revolver, if you have them. More is ideal. A typical ICORE match is between 80 and 100 rounds. A good rule of thumb is to bring double the round count.

Registration is done using Practiscore. We currently ONLY accept cash payments. Please see the registration form on Practiscore for information.  Practiscore registration & match information is distributed via email.  Please email with the subject of "Please send me monthly ICORE information" to be added to the distribution.

If you are local, please consider helping with set-up.

Join the Indiana Gun Owners forum for up to date information on Indiana events.

Indiana Gun Owners Shooting Sport Forum

Please visit the ACC Calendar for match schedule

 ACC Calendar Events 

Range Hours 9a to Sunset

Time in Atlanta:

29595 Leonard (E 88th) Rd

Atlanta, IN 46031

Mailing Address:
PO Box 25

Atlanta, IN 46031

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