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Multi Gun


Match Director

Topher Bell


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Current Multi Gun Rules

Current Rules

Multi Gun matches operate under a cold range. Please do not arrive with a loaded gun on your person. If you are new to competitive shooting please find the match director when you arrive and we will help you.

New shooters are encouraged. We will have a new shooter briefing before each match. Please be confident with basic firearm safety.

The Indiana MultiGun Series consists of multiple club-level 3-Gun matches around the state of Indiana. Here are our venues and Match directors for this years 2022 season.

    • Atlanta Conservation Club in Atlanta, IN MD-Topher
    • Bell Bass & Bucks in Wabash, IN MD-Mark Tacosik
    • Wildcat Rifle & Pistol Club in Brookston, IN MD-Eugene Hession (Geno)
    • North Porter County Conservation Club in Chesterton, IN MD- Christopher Barras

Shooters are awarded points based on performance from through out the season. Those points will be compiled for the season and we will have trophies for top places for shotting divisions. These points will also be used to place you on our shoot-off bracket where you will compete in a man-to-man shoot-off for trophies at the end of the year. Our series and shoot-off will be ran a little different then years past. The only requirements for this year series is to shoot 3 matches before our final shoot-off match. That is it! 3 matches! It only takes 3 matches but remember every match you shoot your score will be added to your point series. The more you shoot the better your score.

INMG are shooting in 4 divisions this year.

    • Tac-Ops
    • Tac-Limited
    • Open
    • 2x4

Registration is done using Practiscore. Please see the registration form on Practiscore for information. Below is a link to our Multi Gun Practiscore club which will have links to register for current and upcoming matches. Please see the registration page for match information and fees.

Practiscore Registration Page

If you are local, please consider helping with set-up.

Join the Indiana Gun Owners forum for up to date information on Indiana Multi Gun events.

Indiana Gun Owners Shooting Sport Forum

Please visit the ACC Calendar for match schedule

 ACC Calendar Events 

Range Hours 9a to Sunset

Time in Atlanta:

29595 Leonard (E 88th) Rd

Atlanta, IN 46031

Mailing Address:
PO Box 25

Atlanta, IN 46031

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