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Current IDPA Rules

Current Rules

2024 Indiana State IDPA Championship

State Match Info

2022 Indiana State IDPA Championship Award Photos

Registration is done using Practiscore. We do not accept cash payments. Please see the registration form on Practiscore for information. Below is a link to our IDPA Practiscore club which will have links to register for current and upcoming matches. Please see the registration page for match information and fees.

In the event that a match needs to be cancelled, cancellations are emailed (and no longer posted on the website).  If IndyIDPA cancels the match, we will issue refunds minus a small fee (or carryover registrations to the following month at our discretion). If you need to cancel for any reason, notify us prior to the close of registration via email to receive a match refund minus credit card fees. After this time, match fees become a non-refundable donation to ACC.

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ACC IDPA Match Fees 

Multiple match fee discounts are available as listed below.  If you are able to help staff the match, select the applicable options during online registration to receive a reduced match fee.

Standard Match Fee = $20

ACC Member Discount = -$5

Setup Discount = -$5

Safety Officer Discount = -$5

Junior Shooter = free


Match Staffing

We need help with officiating and setup. You can shoot for a discounted or even waived match fee depending on how much you want to help. To receive a discounted match fee, YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE AND CLICK A STAFF OPTION TO RECEIVE A DISCOUNT.  

ACC is a cold range on match day

All competitors firearms should be unloaded upon arrival. There is to be no gun handling except in designated safe areas or as directed on the firing line by your safety officer. There is no ammunition handling in the safe area. If you arrive with a loaded CCW, it is your responsibility to immediately alert match staff so you can download your sidearm under supervision. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER TO THIS RULE.

The IDPA membership policy is in effect:

The IDPA rulebook clearly states you can shoot 3 matches before joining. That means if you have participated in 3 IDPA match with us as a non-member, you will need to be a current, paid up IDPA member with a valid membership cards to register for the match. You can join IDPA at We will accept a copy of the online transaction as proof of membership. Let us know if there are any questions.

New Shooters:

If this is your first IDPA match at ACC, you must attend a mandatory New Shooter Safety Brief at 9:15am to participate in the match.  IndyIDPA matches are not a shooting class or any form of training. To compete, you must be familiar with drawing and holstering your pistol as well as shooting and loading/unloading your weapon. IDPA matches are not a place to “learn to shoot”.

Please visit the ACC Calendar for match schedule

 ACC Calendar Events

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Match Registration

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New Shooter Information

 New Shooter Information 

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Range Hours 9a to Sunset

Time in Atlanta:

29595 Leonard (E 88th) Rd

Atlanta, IN 46031

Mailing Address:
PO Box 25

Atlanta, IN 46031

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