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How do I register for a match?

We use PractiScore for registration and scoring. We highly recommend joining our mailing list (above) for up-to-date match announcement emails with complete details.  Registration opens the Saturday prior to the match and closes the Friday before the match.  Y

Can I spectate a match?
Yes - spectating is encouraged.  We do require use of hearing and eye protection while on the range.  You will also be required to sign a mandatory club waiver.  Spectating a match is a great opportunity to learn about the sport and ask questions before shooting your first match.

What equipment do I need to shoot an IDPA match at ACC?
Hearing and eye protection are mandatory at all times on the range for shooters and spectators.  You will need a modern, safe semi-auto or revolver with a minimum caliber of 9mm/.38 special.  You will need a strong-side holster and 3 magazines (or 4 speedloaders).  Rounds counts are typically between 50-100 so 150 rounds of ammo will usually suffice.  Mags/speedloaders can be carried in pockets, but mag carriers are recommended.  You will also need a cover garment such as a vest, jacket, or shirt that covers your holstered firearm and mag carriers.  For complete equipment guidelines please see the IDPA rulebook.

How can I receive current information about upcoming matches and cancellations?
We email the match announcement about a week before every match.  To be added to our mailing list or request other information please contact us at  We shoot the first Saturday of every month weather permitting. Cancellations will be sent via email to all registered competitors the morning of the match.

Do I need to be an IDPA member to shoot a match?
In accordance with IDPA rules, shooters are allowed to shoot one match before becoming IDPA members.  IDPA membership is required to shoot sanctioned matches and includes a membership card and subscription to the Tactical Journal - IDPA's quarterly magazine.  If you are a new member and have not received your packet, a printed copy of your membership receipt is fine.  To become an IDPA member visit

How much does it cost to shoot a match?
Match fees vary, but they are typically $20-$25.  Shooters that RSVP to assist with setup and arrive by 0800 on match day will shoot for a discounted fee.  You can also shoot for a discounted fee if you RSVP and assist with the match as a certified safety officer.  ACC members also get a small discount with their membership card.  Please see the monthly match announcement email for complete details.

What's the difference between IDPA and USPSA/IPSC?
USPSA/IPSC is a sport with high round count courses that are usually shot at the shooter's discretion.  Firearms range from production guns to full-on race guns with optics and compensators.  Shooters may rehearse courses during the walk-through and take sight pictures.  Scoring generally favors speed over accuracy.

IDPA courses are generally smaller and must be based on possible, real-life scenarios.  The shooter must use certain rules of engagement such as cover, tactical priority (slicing the pie), etc.  IDPA sets limitations on gear and firearms to those "suitable for everyday use".  No choreographed walk-throughs or sight pictures are permitted.  Scoring generally favors accuracy over speed.

Range Hours 9a to Sunset

Time in Atlanta:

29595 Leonard (E 88th) Rd

Atlanta, IN 46031

Mailing Address:
PO Box 25

Atlanta, IN 46031

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