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  • Membership Requirements:

  • Atlanta Conservation Club, Inc. Membership is open to anyone who satisfactorily meets the stated requirements. These requirements are solely to ensure that the Atlanta Conservation Club remains a safe place for the conservation of wildlife, natural resources, and to encourage and promote the safe and effective handling of firearms. Atlanta Conservation Club, Inc. reserves the right to deny and/or revoke membership for any reason.

  • Membership Application Process:

1.  Complete the online application and pay required fees. (Detailed instructions will be provided by email.)

2.  Meet ONE of the following to be considered for membership.
a.  Within 12 months of application, participate in two matches hosted by ACC with any score other than a Disqualification or DNF. Potential member specifies the name and date of the matches, which are then verified via Practiscore.
b.  Complete a firearms training course meeting ONE of the following criteria:

i. Provide a certificate of completion for a gun safety/instructional class taught by an ACC authorized trainer.

ii. Provide a certificate of completion and course listing for any firearms training course taught by a certified trainer. Course listing must document live fire exercise as part of course completion.

c.  Provide proof of Active Duty or Veteran status to any branch of military service or completion of any Law Enforcement (LE) Police Academy.
3.  At invitation of the Membership Committee:
a.  Provide a valid government-issued photo ID (e.g. Driver’s License) & Indiana License to Carry Handgun (LTCH) for review and verification.
·      Proof of active LE status may replace the LTCH requirement while employed as a LE.  Inactive or retired LE are not considered LE and must provide an LTCH. Active LE to be defined as holding current arrest powers. 
b.  Complete the Prospective Member Safety Evaluation by passing both the written exam on Club policies, procedures, and safety as well as live fire firearm handling and shooting test.
·      The Prospective Member Safety Evaluation is an in-person meeting that usually completed in less than 2 hours. During this meeting, prospective members will be required to demonstrate safe firearm handling and show their knowledge of current ACC Range Rules. This orientation is held monthly; scheduling may vary. Prospective members will be invited directly via email by the Membership Orientation Director.

      Written Exam

      The written exam is intended to evaluate each Prospective Member’s knowledge and understanding of:

        • ACC Bylaws
        • ACC Policies & Procedures
        • Safe firearm handling

        The test shall be graded by the Membership Orientation Coordinator, or other authorized Board Member or Officer.  Prospective Members shall be score 80% or better to continue through the membership process.  Score shall be recorded as part of the membership application record.

        Firearm Handling & Shooting Test

        This practical exam is an objective test of each Prospective Member’s ability to safely transport, handle, and operate their firearm.  After satisfactorily demonstrating safe firearm handling, Prospective Members will be asked to complete the following skills test.  Score shall be recorded as part of the membership application record.

        Perform the following shooting skills test (using the NRA D-1 target, 100% of shots on target, 80% within scoring zone): 

        1.  Safely remove an unloaded firearm from a case with the muzzle point down-range and without allowing the muzzling yourself or others

        2.  Perform the following drill using the assessment target placed 7 yds from the firing line:

        a.  Safely load the firearm with 5 rounds

        b.  Fire all 5 rounds into the target within 15s, from the low ready

        c.  Safely reload the firearm with 5 rounds

        d.  Fire all 5 rounds into the target within 15s, from the low ready

        e.  Repeat steps a. thru d. until you have fired a total of 20rds

              • If a prospective member desires to qualify with a rifle, the test will be performed at 20 yds.  Shotguns may not be used for qualification.

        3.  Safely unload the firearm.

        4.  Safely return the firearm to a case.

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        Range Hours 9a to Sunset

        Time in Atlanta:

        29595 Leonard (E 88th) Rd

        Atlanta, IN 46031

        Mailing Address:
        PO Box 25

        Atlanta, IN 46031

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